Spec Project: Soccer "It's our time"

This :30 second spot that I created with Alex Horner is fueled by rhythm, reflection and determination. A professional soccer player and his younger self come together to share the drive and valor that has helped them make it to the pro level. I'd like to thank everyone that helped out on this project. We made new friends and developed new collaboration partners. And a huge thanks goes to our talented drummer, Clifton Lovaloy and our amazing soccer player, TJ Haag. We look forward to sharing this film as soon as it's finished the post production process. 


Created by: Alex Horner and Tony Franklin
Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Alex Horner
Assistant: Jules Ameel
Edited by: Alex Horner
Sound: Nick Mehalevich
Produced by: Dave Lewis
Raft Design by: Kevin Fitzke