Short Documentary in the works for Hormel Black Label Bacon

Traveling from MN to San Diego directing a short film for Hormel Black Label Bacon. We are shooting for 11 days and I'm looking forward to the big release on the 29th in San Diego. 
Agency: The great collaborating team from BBDO Mpls. 

Frame grab from the DP, Alex Horner.

Frame grab from the DP, Alex Horner.

Rider, Eric Pierson and I after a quick riding session before hitting Sturgis. Photo Credit: Alex Horner. 

Rider, Eric Pierson and I after a quick riding session before hitting Sturgis. Photo Credit: Alex Horner. 

In production - Music Video: Joey Verskotzi "Sleepless One"

We are currently in production on a music video for Joey Verskotzi's new single called, Sleepless One. Here's a couple images from the first day of shooting. 


Joey Verskotzi: Sleepless One
Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Assistant Director: Stephanie Johnson
Produced by: Bobbi Peacock
Talent: Kevin Jay
Sound Production: Nick Mihalevich
Locations by: Charlotte Ariss
Creative Editing by: Mick Uzendoski
Lighting: Michael Handley/Tasty Lighting
PA: Alexanderrick Stevens
Thanks to Vegas Lounge
Thanks to Jacob Pedrazzini for the sweet car

Jamie Monroe

DP Alex Horner began production on a short documentary about Jamie Monroe, a legendary drag queen in Mpls. 


The good people at Bonfire Labs hired me to direct a spot for the Evernote app. We shot over the course of two days in San Francisco. 

Broadcast spots: TCF Bank

Periscope is a great agency out of Mpls that hired me to direct two new broadcast spots for TCF Bank. We also shot two :15 spots and I'm really excited to see them air. I'm thankful to collaborate with the talented crew members, clients and actors. These spots should be airing around the country mid April. 

New work for agency, BBDO.

Just wrapped up four spots for the agency, BBDO. This still is from the "night scene" and I look forward to sharing more as we get into post production. 

It was an honor to collaborate with such a great crew, talent and agency. 

Staghead Moto

Nicholas Huber and John Christenson are the two men behind the Staghead Moto motorcycle and lifestyle brand. Alex Horner and I are creating a short content film to showcase the beauty and experience behind the Staghead Moto brand. 

photo 1.JPG

Staghead Moto is a collaboration between John Christenson and Nick Huber to document the craft and scene of fine vintage motorcycles. They seek to promote the lifestyle around vintage motorcycles through art, blogging, riding and modifying vintage bikes. In 2013 Staghead Moto founded and sponsored the traveling art expo 'Oil&Ink Motorbike Print Expo' with pop up galleries in NYC, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and at the Moto GP in Austin Texas.

Created by Tony Franklin and Alex Horner
Creative Director: Tony Franklin
Director: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Alex Horner
Copy Writer: Molly Augustin
Edited by: Alex Horner
Colorist: Alex Horner
Original Score and Sound Design by: Bryan Hanna / Egg-Music
Voice Over Talent: Bryan Hanna
Location Sound: Ryan O’Hara Theisen
Production Assistant: Sam Gisselman
Production Assistant: Bill Hickey
Photography: Bill Hickey